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What is Included in DNA Hacker Secrets Mastermind?

Step-by-Step Videos:

Weekly videos to enhance the group coaching calls. These lessons teach practices that are easy to work on and integrate into your day or lifestyle. NEXT SENTENCE: Keep as is. Dr. Ramos covers a variety of topics to teach how to become a master of stress and disease. These Masterclasses will teach you the secrets to real, tangible holistic health under your control. BENEFITS INCLUDE:

  • Turn Stress into Flow for Regular Bliss and Calmness
  • Become a Master of Self-Regulation and Self-Care
  • Learn our Fountain of Youth & Wellness Diet
  • Insider info on Dr. Ramos’ own Routine and Dietary Practices
  • Immune-Boosting and Stress-Resetting Techniques
  • Control your Brainwave Activity to Calm and Focus your Mind
  • Tap into the Power of your DNA and Autonomic Systems
  • Increase your Energy, Power, and Sex-Drive
  • Learn How to Live in Sync with Natural Cycles of Health
  • Eco-wellness for Holistic Health
  • Make Peak Performance a Reality

Exclusive Facebook Group: DNA Hacker Secrets is filled with likeminded individuals, who are kind and supportive. I am personally committed to being in the Facebook Group every day so you will always have DIRECT access to me as you proceed along your healing and peak performance journey!

The Art of Stress-Free Living: As a bonus, when you join DNA Hacker Secrets, I ship a signed physical copy of “The Art of Stress-Free Living” straight to your front door!  The Art of Stress-Free Living: Reprogram your Life from the Inside Out, which is your step-by-step guide to freedom from stress.

DNA Hacker Secrets: As a bonus, when you join DNA Hacker Secrets, I email you an e-copy of “DNA Hacker Secrets” straight to your inbox!  DNA Hacker Secrets: Using the Power of your Consciousness to Become a Stress & Disease-Free Superhuman, which is your step-by-step guide to freedom from disease, turning stress into flow, and reprogramming your DNA with any gimmick, expensive technology, or toxic medication.

Weekly Live Masterclasses with Q&A: In addition, Dr. Ramos being present in the Exclusive Facebook Group every single day, you will have access to ask him any question you have about your path towards health and wellness during his weekly LIVE Q&A Zoom Video calls.

Resources: Whatever questions you have regarding the best and most up-to-date in the Holistic Health and Wellness field, we have the answer! I am constantly updating the page with the latest content broken into categories to easily find the answer. Of course, you can always jump in the Private Facebook Group to get your answer. I will at times do a Facebook Live to address anything we may have missed during the monthly video calls.

BONUSES: Those who sign up for the yearly plan will also receive 3 additional incredibly valuable bonuses! 

>> LIFETIME Founder Member’s Access to the Private Facebook Group (Priceless)

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PLUS a 30-day money back guarantee: If you join DNA Hacker Secrets and decide it is not the right fit for you, no questions asked, we will refund your entire investment. I am in the business of working only with those who are 100% committed to their health, wellness, and peak performance and want to learn from a living Master and Yale-trained researcher with over two decades of experience who can teach you all the ins and outs of living to your highest potential. BECOME SUPERHUMAN NOW! TAKE ACTION NOW!